the fog here is thick enough to feel on your skin; it’s the most refreshing thing to wake up and walk outside straight into.


this twitter is too precious for this world

I started running once school got out last year and by the end of summer I was able to run a solid 3.5 to 4 miles with out having to stop at all. So when I moved back to campus I thought I could easily work my way up to 5…wrong. My campus has very little flat ground, its just hills…very steep…very high hills and now its a struggle to run 2 miles.

But hey, at least all these crazy runs up hill will give me a fab booty.


Craig Ferguson speaks for all Doctor Who fans.



Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Just start the sentence…and see what happens. This is how we write.
Jincy Willett, The Writing Class (via maxkirin)